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Replicability vs. adaptability for carbon removal at scale

9. 4. 2024

Replicability vs. adaptability for carbon removal at scale

  • carbon removal
  • biochar
  • SPV
  • Gigatonne thinking
  • Scaling

The fastest way to scale up to gigatonne levels of carbon removals is to create technology that is replicable anytime. Anywhere.

With our Gigatonne Thinking approach to carbon removals, we prioritise solutions with the potential to scale to gigatonne levels of greenhouse gas reductions. This requires a keen focus on replicating successful models, while at the same time evaluating each project’s local suitability.    

A replicable platform

Our  unique thermochemical technology platform converts biomass residues into valuable commodities like biofuel, biochar, and carbon removal credits. Our first plants are operational in Karnataka, India, and we aim to at least double our number of operational plants each year. Replicability is key in making that happen quickly and efficiently.

For our global rollout, we draw inspiration from renewable asset managers who have been deploying assets globally for more than 20 years. These highly-optimised legal structures that enable us to replicate our projects across geographies.

Central to this rollout strategy is our Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) model. This involves deploying thermochemical technologies in modular containers to locations with biomass resources. Each SPV site is designed to be large enough to be impactful but compact enough to fit into containers for quick setup and dismantling. This allows for easy (re)deployment anywhere.

Our partners in the supply chain support this rollout by enabling an assembly line-like approach to manufacturing the equipment and buildings needed for our sites. This mitigates the time to install an SPV and commence operations.


Balancing adaptability with replicability

While replicability is key for scale, we also must strike a balance between local and global. THat’s why we incorporate context-specific operations into each SPV design, focusing on local partnerships and resources.

To balance global scalability with local contexts, we integrate context-specific operations into our designs, emphasising local partnerships. Our project in Maharashtra's Ambajogai, a region plagued by water scarcity, showcases this approach. Here, we utilised MASH biochar to improve soil water retention and optimise organic fertiliser use, addressing the area's agricultural challenges.

A local farmer, facing annual crop cultivation challenges due to droughts, participated in our field trial. By combining different levels of biochar with organic fertiliser, we rejuvenated crop growth, enhancing productivity and economic gain despite adverse conditions.

The trial revealed that biochar application led to a 25% increase in chickpea yield and a 110% increase in soybean yield across two seasons, demonstrating biochar's lasting positive impact on soil and crop productivity. Even under severe drought, crops showed remarkable resilience, significantly reducing yield deviation compared to using organic fertilizer alone.

Overall, the MASH biochar trial suggests a potential for a 250% increase in farmer profits through biochar use, highlighting its value in improving agricultural efficiency and sustainability while contributing to our goal of CO2 removal.

It’s all about thinking globally and acting locally. By evaluating local suitability, financial viability, and operational feasibility, we can ensure each replicated project contributes effectively to our overall goal of removing gigatonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.


Think Big. Think Gigatonne.

At MASH Makes, we're redefining carbon removal thinking at scale with our Gigatonne Thinking approach – and replicability is just one part of it. 

Our holistic perspective encompasses 7 Pillars of Gigatonne Thinking. Each pillar -- Scalability, Replicability, Global Perspective, Commoditisation, Quantification, Virality, and Waste-not – plays a critical role in our mission to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

Dive deeper into our vision on our Gigatonne Thinking page,  and join the conversation on LinkedIn


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