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We are facing more than 36 billion tonnes
of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere yearly

Excessive levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are an undeniable problem for humanity. Starting with the obvious – melting icebergs and raising temperatures, stretching all the way to the impact on biodiversity and increase in frequency of natural disasters. Although it is a heavily discussed topic, the shift towards taking active steps has (so far) been rather slow.
Cleaner energy is a good thing but at this point, carbon neutral solutions just might not be enough.

What we need is multiple solutions to different aspects of this issue – ranging from more sustainable building solutions and product manufacturing methods, all the way more sustainable energy.

At Mash Makes, we have decided to focus on the latter, by pushing beyond net-zero and creating solutions that can remove the CO2, while still producing energy.

What can we do about it?

We use a TwoStage Gasifier that is fully contained (aside from the feedstock storage area) in a 20-foot container, which can be easily moved if necessary. The machine has a capacity of approx. 1.5 tonnes/day of feedstock that can have amoisture content of up to 58% and does not recquire

Our background

Mash Makes started as a project on the Technological University of Denmark centred around technology that could convert various waste streams (mainly residue biomass) into different energy products. After promising results, we have decided to fund a company that would focus on further development and eventual commercialization of the technology.

A couple of years later, we were able to achieve exactly that.