30 NOV – 12 DEC 2023, DUBAI

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Transforming biomass into climate solutions

Climate change is a critical global challenge. Current solutions are ineffective at battling rising greenhouse gas levels at the pace needed to solve the problem. We tackle this head-on with a practical, gigatonne-scale approach to carbon removal.  

Our innovative technology uses pyrolysis and gasification to transform biomass residues into energy and soil amendments, which produce carbon credits. Designed for aggressive growth, the MASH platform significantly and positively impacts greenhouse gas levels, biodiversity, communities, and investors.

And we’re just getting started.

The first MASH thermochemical plant in Karnataka, India is already operational, producing biofuel and biochar, which generates carbon removal credits. With many more plants planned, we're making measurable strides in climate action. 

Our goal is to remove at least 1 gigatonne of carbon from the atmosphere by 2040. We’re scaling up through offtake agreements, pre-purchase finance commitments, new plant investors, and enhanced tech development and R&D.

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