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MASH Makes joins AfricaEnergyParks project to boost renewable energy in Ghana

9. 7. 2024

MASH Makes joins AfricaEnergyParks project to boost renewable energy in Ghana

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MASH Makes is proud to announce participation in the AfricaEnergyParks project, a major initiative funded by the European Commission. The project aims to establish a Renewable Energy Park (REEP) near Mole National Park in Ghana, designed to enhance energy access and climate resilience in rural communities. This project supports the ongoing development of our gasifier technology, improving its efficiency and adaptability for various applications. 

Our advanced gasifier technology converts biomass into gas, which powers a generator to create electricity. For this project, the gasifier unit will provide a stable baseload energy supply, complementing solar power to ensure continuous and reliable green energy for the community. 


Project Highlights:


  • Stable Energy Supply: The gasifier unit will ensure consistent electricity, supporting the microgrid during periods without sunlight.
  • Sustainable Integration: Utilizing biomass contributes to a circular economy, where biowaste is converted into energy, reducing environmental impact.
  • Community Impact: The project will deliver electrical power to a small community in Ghana, showcasing the effectiveness of combining biomass and solar energy.


MASH Makes is excited to be part of this groundbreaking project, contributing to sustainable development and climate resilience in Africa. 

For updates on the project and other news, visit our blog.

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